Born on 22 July 1975
Author-composer and Performing.
My name is Georges Marcel Reyes and I am the son of the Nicolas Reyes who is the lead singer from the real Gipsy Kings.
I am born in this musical family. The popularity of my father has created my spirit and the musical trajectory in my life.
I started at the age of 14 years with my friend and cousin Mario Reyes. Together with him I created my first group GITANO BOYS, which was incredible youth experience.
At the age of 19 years I have been working with the Gipsy Kings during seven years from 1994 till 2001.
I contributed to several recordings and the composition of some songs.
Afterwards I have worked with different gipsy musicians from France.
Today I am continuing the tradition from the REYES family with my new group, named REYES HERITAGE.

REYES Jordan

Jordan Reyes 19 years old is the son of Georges and grandson of Nicolas Reyes and great-grandchild of Jose Reyes. He has grown up in this musical dynasty. Musique has been an essential part of my life more exactly it is family matter. Soon I will finish my studies in accounting. It would be a great honnour to perform together with my dad and on this way i can pursue the tradition (Heritage). I still have to learn a lot but i am sure i am supported in the a good way by my environment.
Reyes Georges

REYES David Dit Mario

Born on 20june 1974
I started guitar playing at the age of 7 years and being a member of the big known reyes family.
At the age of 11 I won a classic guitar contest. Afterwards i continued playing music with Georges Reyes, which is the son of Nicolas Reyes.
He learned us singing and playing guitar from the soul.
I have recorded my first album titled Gipsy Boys with Georges Reyes.
After that i recorded some albums with other groups. I had the honnor to do some duets with Andrea Borcelli, Carole Samaha and Marco Witts.